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Remote Viewing Experiment Part 2

November 2007

Michael Shermer takes a seminar on remote viewing, a form of ESP in which one attempts to psychically view a remote object, person, or place through intuition or a sixth sense. Shermer reveals the normal explanation for this apparently paranormal phenomenon.

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2 Comments to “Remote Viewing Experiment Part 2”

  1. Richard Mann Says:

    As George Bernard Shaw once said, ‘What Peter says about Paul says more about Peter than it does about Paul.” Likewise, what Michael Shermer says about remote viewing says more about Michael Shermer than it does about remote viewing.

    It says that he thinks it would be useful to make a video about the phenemonon of remote viewing, using brand new students being taught by a teacher who thinks it is OK to have anyone try remote viewing while the teacher knows what the target in the envelope is. Or that it would useful to see what these beginners make of the MS’ picture of the galaxy which is surely one of the worst target pictures he could choose, while MS also knew what the target was and he got to sit there while the students fumbled around.

    When I discussed this video in my class at Michigan, I wondered if I should come right out and call it a hatchet job. I ended up deciding that would be just the thing to say.

  2. marc cohen Says:


    As a true skeptic, you need to be open to possibilities and go in with an open mind. Remote viewing, unlike other areas of the “paranormal” has been proven by almost all standards. Almost all means accept for those who simply do not want it to be true.

    Michael Shermer makes a fortune as his sheep continue to follow his arrogance. I know this will never get published.


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