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Remote Viewing Experiment Part 1

November 2007

Michael Shermer takes a seminar on remote viewing, a form of ESP in which one attempts to psychically view a remote object, person, or place through intuition or a sixth sense. Shermer reveals the normal explanation for this apparently paranormal phenomenon.

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2 Comments to “Remote Viewing Experiment Part 1”

  1. Bo Kindstrand Says:

    Have no reason to take this person seriously at all… not at least in the matter of “remote viewing” or whatever he consider to be “remote viewing”. Have worked with this app for more than 10 years and it works quite well.. use it on the fx market.. and doubble my clients accounts in two-three months.. need any more proof than that? I don´t…they don´t.
    Just dropping by.


  2. Jon K Says:

    With the apparent tendency to draw circles I would not have picked spiral galaxies. If was a picture of a household hammer I don’t think any of the sketches would have had any connection.

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