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September 1999

Ever since the 1970s, spoonbending (and the bending of other cutlery, metal bars, and the like) has been held up as physical evidence for telekinesis, a form of PSI in which thoughts alone can allegedly be employed to alter the physical environment. In this episode, Michael Shermer attends a seminar on spoonbending and discovers the power of group think to actually bend metal!

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3 Comments to “Spoonbending”

  1. Bob Pease Says:

    Mike has again demonstrated that Science has trumped the bogus theories about PK.

    Actually, In my opinion, pseudoscientific theories are WORSE than the “Pure Magic” appraoch.
    This is because the claims of pseudocience give the
    hucksters an undeserved respect in the general population.
    Claims of “But it’s really Scientific at base”, allow people who scorn the occult to follow hokum in good conscience.

    As an aside , as children, we would have never been allowed to participate in this hokum because of the strong belief that it was possibly due to SATAN!!

  2. JJC Says:

    I have observed spoon bending pk stuff for many years. I have never seen anyone start the exercise by doing it physically. That’s just silly. Anyone can bend a spoon with their hands, as tableware is not that strong to begin with.
    In 1977 I saw Uri Geller in person, and anyone who hopes to follow Geller is going to have to try harder than the guy in this video.

  3. Rodger Sparks Says:

    Well, I don’t believe in psycho/telekinesis any more than Michael Shermer, but I don’t think this video addresses the main point, which is spoon bending without (apparent) physical contact. For someone to say you can’t bend a spoon by physical effort, and someone else to say, yes you can, doesn’t really get us any further.

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