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PBS’s The Question of God: Moral Law

June 2004

Where do our concepts of right and wrong come from? Do humans share a moral law that transcends time and culture?

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3 Comments to “PBS’s The Question of God: Moral Law

  1. Ed Oleen Says:

    What Garbage!!! An immaterial “mind”? Directing our behaviour? In a Universe the size which we believe it is? Is this person NUTS???? What arrogance!

  2. Ken Hughes Says:

    PBS is seemingly succumbing to the evangelicals that are so vociferous and running all over the place here in Texas, behind the christian fundamentalist curtain that try to filter out all progressive and free-thinkers; they missed me.

    My response is simple.

    As there is no god or God, there is no such thing as god’s or God’s moral laws. They evolved along with mankind simply because they worked toward the continued survival of mankind.

  3. skeptic griggsy Says:

    Indeed! And Kenneth Miller wants illicitly to introduce design into evolution when we only discern patterns- no intent! He therefore urges backwards causation, the future before the past, the effect befor the cause, thereby negating time[ Weisz].

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