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Mr. Deity and the Skeptic

September 2009

Skeptic Michael Shermer pleads his case before Jesus and Mr. Deity.
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8 Comments to “Mr. Deity and the Skeptic”

  1. Vero Says:

    So funny. Just love it

  2. quasar Says:

    Atheists form a concept of a god in their minds, which they then choose not to believe in.

    It is the personal, human-like god of the christian bible.

    They then get real hung up on debunking this little god which they have made in their image.

    They are not really atheists, they are just non-bible believers. Just as most people are non-Santa believers.

    Believing in the christian bible and believing in God are not necessarily the same thing.

    Einstein believed in God, but not a personal, bible-god.

  3. Mike Duquette Says:

    The point seems to be if one is trying to be good and moral he should not be judged for not believing stories that appear to be myths.

  4. Karl Schuch Says:

    “Atheists form a concept of a god in their minds, which they then choose not to believe in.”—–Nonsense!!
    Any concept of any god that humans have ever created remains without a smidgen of supporting evidence. Atheism is not a claim to knowledge of any sort, beyond the recognition that the requisite evidence is not forthcoming.

  5. Steve Wilson Says:

    A little fuzzy logic does make a great character piece, doesn’t it?
    Like how the omniscient “Mr. Deity” was caught variously off-guard.
    Like how the infinitely compassionate “boy” was never understanding.
    Like how the story involving the “father of many nations”, though self-reflecting, was ridiculed by the Eternal Father.

    This video was my introduction to the skeptic society. If the society is at all reflected in this video, then it appears that this “skeptic” society is just as non-critical and bigoted as thos of the religio-boneheads who eventually perpetrate the evils we all rightfully fear.

    Is there someone of this society who is a fair apologetic for skepticism, or should I keep looking?

  6. elaine k Says:

    Looks like the humans in the world are just about realising that there is no god or imaginary figure commanding our lives.
    How cannot we be skeptic we just need reason and logic to know all gods are an invention wanting to control others.
    Religion is an excuse for evil people to do evil things as their god loves them.

  7. John Says:

    MS: “Practicality his alma mater.”
    Big J: “My what?”

    LMAO. Great stuff.

  8. jorge Says:

    Excluding the rest of the total and keeping only one part of the whole spectrum (the whole concept) you will always going to find materials to present your case, to remark a point.
    SEE this:
    Are there believers? … Those who believe blindly.
    Are there Non-believers? … Those who no matter what, do not believe.
    Are there skeptics? … Those who need proves.
    Are there inconstants? … Those who with or w/o reason change side.

    Now, the skeptic is poised equal to the believer and to the inconstant and to the non-believer.
    why? Because is the easiest place to be before the homework.
    Can any of them change? That, I leave it to you.

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