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Michael Shermer Sizzle Reel

March 2017

See clips from Dr. Michael Shermer’s most noted media appearances including: twice on the Colbert Report, Larry King Live with UFOlogists, CNN, and other news shows debating creationists and Intelligent Design advocates, and other highlights from his 25 year career as a public intellectual.

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3 Comments to “Michael Shermer Sizzle Reel”

  1. Paul Krieger Says:

    Michael Shermer is among the most important thinkers of our time. He is rational, logical, and demands as much from himself in his assessment of ideas and explanations as he does from others. I would say “thank God for M.S.” but, well, nah, there still is no proof!

  2. John Byrd Says:

    Read the book “the Watchman’s Rattle” about cycles of history.

    Everyone should read this book.

    Also, books by John Shelby Spong. Great books about Christianity. He is called a ‘heretic’ by Christians, but he has an unusual approach and a truithful view of Christianity. His book about Jesus is very revealing. It is worth reading by any skeptic.

    Happy Vernal Equinox day.

    John Byrd

  3. Michael Lane Says:

    Jesus? Read “There Was No Jesus, There Is No God” by Raphael Lataster for an historical viewpoint and rational take on this 2000 year old myth.
    Get real brothers! A must read as well.

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