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Decoding the Bible Code

November 2007

The Bible Code claims that hidden in the first five books of the Bible in its original Hebrew text are hidden messages in code that made predictions thousands of years ago about current events, such as the assassination of JFK and the end of the world. In this episode Michael Shermer decodes the Bible Code and reveals it to be a form of numerology that serves as a supreme example of pattern-seeking (and finding) behavior of which we are so skilled.

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5 Comments to “Decoding the Bible Code”

  1. Ben Barnett Says:

    There are several religions that talk about the ‘code’ in the Bible. Have you ever heard of The Church of the New Jerusalem, or Swedenborgianism? I’m a former member, and I’d be interested in hearing what you think, if you’ve ever read/heard about this faith.


  2. upgrade01a Says:

    Similar to natural selection! “Successful” patterns get noticed. The selection process is the computer program along with the numerologist. The random aspect is the text. I believe it is also true that the following phrase can be found in the Bible:

    “Bible code is bunk” or something similar…
    Just keep plugging in phrases until one pops out.

  3. Apakuki Tuisue Says:

    I believe that the bible code is true. If you look at all the Bible versions today they are maade up and they million of miles away from the truth. In Revelation 22: 19 you will find out that the whole world will not go to heaven if we keep on
    taking away the words and putting in new words.

    God bless You

  4. Alice Smith Says:

    who is the antichrist that the bible decode

  5. Sean Says:

    Some believe that the code is true, while others believe that it is not. Both do not see the truth, since one is only dependent upon a belief, or disbelief, if one is located at a distance from the truth itself. Those who are obsessed with beliefs/disbeliefs, will also currently reject the truth, since one can not practice beliefs/disbeliefs if one is in direct contact with the truth. And so the mystery goes on.

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