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Art of Con Games Part 1

November 2007

The art of the con is as old as civilization, employing the skills of deception, misdirection, and the psychology of human greed and the desire to get something for nothing. In this episode Shermer employs a professional con artist to teach him the fine art of conning people.

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7 Comments to “Art of Con Games Part 1”

  1. Osbo Says:

    Thanks for posting these, very informative!

  2. Eclogite Says:

    I knew it was a con, but now I know the ‘how’ of it. Thanks! Very interesting.

  3. upgrade01a Says:

    Great video. Now I know. Thanks!

  4. Harald Says:

    I asked you many times to be dropped form your email list. This video was interesting though, but it’s not worth all the spam that I get from you, Michael. See you again at the next Amazing Randi convention : )

  5. John Says:

    Funny how Harald says he appreciated the free education he’s been given while at the same time complaining about receiving it.

  6. Michael S. Bank Says:

    It took somebody sending me these in connection with the Bernie Madoff (and perhaps Stanley Chais) Ponzi scheme to make me realize how much I missed getting eSkeptic online. I was mysteriously dropped from the lost several years ago. Pls reinstate me.

  7. Bill Naumann Says:

    Now if I could just CONvince my wife!

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