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Life has Never Been So Good?

January 2012

Michael Shermer appears on MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan show to discuss why life is so much better now than in any other time in history.

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Social Singularity:
Why Things Are Getting Progressively Better

October 2011

Michael Shermer discusses the problem of tribalism, which we inherited from our primate ancestors, and which we must overcome if we are to achieve a stable and just global society. This lecture was recorded on October 15, 2011 at the Singularity Summit in New York.

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Transhumanism, the Singularity and Skepticism

October 2011

Michael Shermer is interviewed about his views on the future of Artificial Intelligence, the technological singularity, transhumanism, and skepticism. This is not something that Michael Shermer usually talks about. Michael also spoke at the Singularity Summit in the US this year (2011). This footage was taken at the 2011 Think Inc conference in Melbourne.

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The Believing Brain lecture
at the University of Melbourne

September 2011

In this talk (recorded at the Copland Theatre, University of Melbourne on 19 September 2011) Dr. Michael Shermer presents his comprehensive and provocative theory on how humans form beliefs and reinforce them as truths. He answers the questions of how and why we believe what we do in all aspects of our lives, from our suspicions and superstitions to our politics, economics and social beliefs.


“You’ve Got…” on AOL

September 2011

Skeptic magazine editor Michael Shermer discusses why people are often duped…

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